Marco has done a few events with us and each time he excelled in providing a fantastic show and ceaseless entertainment for our guests. Extremely approachable and friendly, Marco manages to move from group to group without hesitation, making sure every corner of the room has been covered. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a great show and something different for an event.


Marco has worked with many people on various types of events over the years.  Most of his bookings are repeat business and he has had clients booking him year on year for the same event.  His client list is impressive and he has worked for various celebrities including Elton John, Bryan May, Gary Barlow, Jamie Oliver, Justin Lee Collins, Alan Carr, Tom Jones, David Copperfield, Jason Orange, Richard Branson, Ian Dury, Gary Numan, Kaiser Chiefs and many more.

Most of Marco’s bookings come from word of mouth and recommendations.  His regular clients know him to be both entertaining and engaging, which is why they constantly recommend him and hire him year after year.

Celebrity Poster

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Between 1977 and 1996 Marco was manager of the backstage bar in the “Hamersmith Odeon” (Now known as the Hammersmith Apollo).

During this time Marco became known for performing magic to his customers who were mainly people in the music industry, artists who played at the venue and their guests.

Because the Apollo needed more dressing rooms the bar was closed in 1996 and became dressing room No. 7A.

However in 2006 Phil Macintyre Entertainment presented “Little Britain” at the Hammersmith Apollo and for reason of nostalgia they transformed the dressing room 7A back in to “Marco’s bar” and asked Marco to manage it and entertain the guests and VIPs pre-show.

Marco involved various celebrities in some card tricks which involved cards ending up with celebrity photographs on the back and signatures on the front. All the celebrities who signed the cards were either guests or performers in the “Little Britain” tour of 2006.